Our 'What Am I?' game is a great activity to build on a child’s language skills while having fun. It  encourages the use of descriptive words and the complexity of the game can be adjusted depending on the child’s ability. The game also promotes the use of good communication skills, including taking turns to speak clearly and listen carefully.


How to play: Select a card from the pack. You then give clues/hints to the other player on what your animal is, until they have guessed the correct answer.


eg. CROCODILE- I have 4 short legs, a long body, lots of teeth, a spiky tail and I like to eat meat. What am I? A crocodile.


This PDF contains 3 pages with 24 different 'What Am I?' cards


We suggest you print and laminate cards for durability and re-use.

Animal 'What Am I?' Flashcards