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Benefits of Playdough

Fine Motor Skills:

Develop the strength, dexterity and control needed to manipulate everyday items.


Socioemotional Skills:

Open-ended opportunities for children to experience independent and cooperative play, as well as explore their abilities, life experiences, and emotions.



Children's imagination can run wild through playing and creating.


Language and Literacy:

As children discuss their creations with parents, siblings and friends, they create and learn new vocabulary.


Science and Mathematics:

Through trial and error, children explore; shape design, size comparison and new concepts.



A lot like a stress ball, playdough is a stress reliever.


Kinaesthetic Learning:

Squishing, smashing, pushing, pulling, twisting, cutting - this is what makes playdough fun! Playdough is all about hands-on exploration, which provides children an opportunity to learn through play.

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